Daniella Zeman

Sketch Exercise

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I was given a cool thing to do this week. Do a bunch of 30 second sketches (take one minute for each), followed by 15 two minute sketches derived from the originals. Then do 6 five minute sketches. Lastly 3 ten minute sketches. Check them out:

1 minute

2 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

New Leaf Berries Hypothetical DLC

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Some faux-DLC bushes I made for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They would sprout every three days like trees and produce 3-6 berries at a time. The ones that produce 3 berries at a time are rarer and the berries are worth more. For 6 berries a piece of the Alpine furniture set would be able to be modded to feature the berry. I am planning on redoing the alpine furniture set to feature feature the berries.